Who are we?

Monte <video> tech is a community of engineers, developers and đź’š of online video technology. Our meetings are an opportunity to gather around and discuss the underlying technology behind video distribution.

Our meetings are generally divided into two parts. First, our speakers give their presentations. Afterwards, we have a few 🍻 and 🍕 , continuing with video-related talks such as new trends, unusual use cases, failure analysis or customer stories.

What goes on at the video tech?

Keynote presentation by video industry experts

Backyard gathering
with drinks

Pizza party
for all attendees

our events

abOUT Our summer camp!

MonteVideo Summer Camp is our annual event of collaboration and cultural & knowledge exchange within the video tech community, all while enjoying the end of our summer in March!
It’s not just an event; it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, learn from experts, and discover the vibrant culture of Uruguay.

The Summer Camp is divided into different tracks, including our known «Summer Project» and «Cultural Exchange», and our brand new «Learning Experience» each offering unique opportunities. Participants can engage in collaborative work, cultural exchange, and knowledge sharing, all while exploring and discovering why Uruguay is the best country.

Join us as we foster new friends, give back to the community through shared expertise, and show the power of collaborative work.
The next Summer Camp is scheduled from March 1st to March 15th, welcoming all those who share our passion for video technology.

would you like to attend our 2025 edition?

Past talks

Next online event:
MonteVIDEO TECH talk Meetup


What's a great presentation?

What was the problem solved

Where did you fail or made incorrect assumptions

Why was the solution selected

What solutions were reviewed

What would you do better (given the time and budget)

Talks are usually 15-20 min long

What are the rules?

Topic about video engineering or development

No sales pitches!

No competitor, brand or product comparisons

A community of engineers, developers and đź’š of online video technology.


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