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Our first Summer Camp is coming in February 2023, and we are beyond excited!



the purpose

To contribute the video community


february 2023

This event is for...







Make a contribution to the community in a collaborative way.



Summer cultural exchange

Gather with us in Montevideo, Uruguay from February 6th to 19th.



Summer Project​



Level of commitment: medium/high

Time: 1 month


Summer Hackathon​


Level of commitment: low

Time: up to 1 week

Get to know our open source projects!

coding experience's calendar

The first meeting of the year
This edition is special, as it will be a warm-up for our amazing Summer Camp: Coding Experience.

👉🏼Marco Vidonis from Nimble Ape Ltd.
👉🏼Will Law from Akamai Technologies
They will talk about: Webrtc and CMCD.

We will create a meeting (in our discord community) with all those interested in the projects. We will define which way to go and create a brainstorming of ideas.

During this period the Hackathon participants perform different technical challenges that will help to complement the Summer Project.

To Contribute: to provide a open-source CMCD validator that any video dev can use.

To Learn: that everyone who participates, at the end of the summer camp, have learned the standard through a practical experience.

To Evolve: enable more people to contribute in more ways to the CMCD standard through this experience and the exchange of ideas with others. Ideally contributing for future revisions of the standard!

A beautiful closing of the Summer Camp with our lovely meetups, telling how the experience was lived both in the Coding experience and in the Cultural Exchange.

Summer Project_WebRTC

The project
We’ll be building a platform for hybrid and remote events. The Front-End will be in React and we want to make it Back-End agnostic, so that users should be able to choose whichever they prefer. For example, they might want to use Mux, or run their own Janus SFU.

Basic features
The basic features of the platform should likely be the following:
– Landing page with the current and next events
– API (CRUD) interface for events
– Presentation mode (stage) – Chat and Q&A section (for all users)
– Audio and video controls
– Record the event (this might be tricky, depending on how we want to do it… Back-End platforms like Mux might provide this)

Check out Marco Vidonis Montevideo Tech meetup talk to know more about the project and why be choose webRTC

Summer Project_cmcd

The project

This exciting project is all about validating the implementation of CMCD (Common Media Client Data) in any video player. CMCD is a cutting-edge technology that allows for more efficient video streaming, and we’re here to put it to the test.

Built with love and passion for the video-dev community, our project aims to provide a fun and interactive way for video developers to verify their CMCD integration. With the CMCD-validator tool available on GitHub, participants can easily check if their video player is correctly implementing CMCD, ensuring smooth and seamless video playback for their users.

For more information on the project and why we chose CMCD, be sure to check out Will Law’s talk at the Montevideo Tech meetup.

cultural exchange

exchange experiences and knowledge

Share with like-minded-people

Qualabs and the culture

Cultural tours

Our inspiration✨

Last year our friend Ruud van der Linden surprised us! He packed his bags and traveled to Uruguay to work and connect with us.

Why? Because remote work is lonely and he saw an opportunity to generate new relationships, share experiences and, not least, escape from the cold (bye, winter! Hello, Uruguayan summer!)

This trip inspired us to spread this energy in our community!

That’s why we envisioned the Summer Camp: cultural exchange, an event created by and for video devs that invites us to meet face to face in Montevideo, Uruguay, to continue nurturing and developing this great community.

Our vision with the Summer Camp: Cultural Exchange is to generate an incredible experience with a collaborative work space to connect, cultural exchanges, and the generation of new relationships.

✈ Change your routine and travel to Montevideo, Uruguay, in February for a few days

✨ Share with other developers who are traveling like you, and our incredible team of 90 qualabers

🧑‍💻 Work at our amazing offices 

💬 Participate or be a speaker in our Video Meetups

😍 Be part of Qualabs’ internal events

🏖  Get to know the incredible places that Uruguay has to offer!

Our first participants of the Summer Camp!🚀

Javi B 🇪🇸

Technical Product Manager at

One of the organisers of 

He has been speaker at several meetups and events around the world: BCN Video Tech, London Video Tech, Sydney Video Tech, Demuxed and IBC.

Why would you like to come to Montevideo?

«I love the idea, I love the people I already know from MonteVideo Tech, and I think it can be a great learning for both sides.»

Marco Vidonis 🇬🇧

Developer at

He has been involved in Broadcaster’s development almost since its inception, helping build the product, the website as well as some of its unique features such as Streams Tagging.

Why would you like to come to Montevideo?

«I think the Summer Camp is a great opportunity for self development and to get to know like-minded people working in the same space, as well as to learn about the Uruguayan culture. I like the idea of working on open source projects during the camp and sharing the results of the work through meetups and videos.»

The Power of Connection:
stories from our participants!

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