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Why join this adventure?

Create meaningful

Give back
to our community

collaborative culture

Discover Uruguay
is a unique country!

We have 2 experiences for you!


Work on an open source project and give back to the community in a collaborative way!

💻 Remote (side project) 📆 Jan-March

Ideal for developers or engineers interested in open source projects.

2 projects for the community 🙌🏼
Clear objectives for 3 months
Next 16th January, join us and let’s collaborate together!
– Common Media Library

Join the #montevideo-summercamp channel on the video-dev.org Slack, we will post all the news, meetings and everything related to the Summer Camp in that channel.

Montevideo summer week

Share with like-minded people, work from Qualabs’ offices and discover the incredible places that Uruguay has to offer! 🏖️

Expand your knowledge through workshops, talks, and roundtables with industry leaders.

Join us in Montevideo, Uruguay
📆 In-person March 4th to 10th. 

Learn about the latest technologies and products of the industry!

Ideal for devs or engineers looking to learn about new technologies and companies looking to train or teach about their products, for digital nomadsemployees with work rotation policies and anyone looking to connect with video engineers & developers 💻!

Our summer Projects 2024

Our contribution to the video community

23 contributors!
From 7 organizations
Worked on 2 projects
2 new features in CML
3 PRs to players

Our agenda 2024

Mon. 4th

WELCOME to MonteVIDEO Summer Week 2024

Tue. 5th

Roundtables with industry leaders at ORT University

Wed. 6th

Day in Colonia del Sacramento, town declared as a Unesco World Heritage site

Thu. 7th

Summer Project final DEMO, Talks with industry leaders and After Party

Fri.7th - Sun 10th

Beach & countryside weekend, tours and tasty food

Would you like to join our experience?

Our inspo!

In 2022, our friend Ruud van der Linden surprised us! He packed his bags and traveled to Uruguay to work and connect with us.

Why? Because remote work is lonely and he saw an opportunity to generate new relationships, share experiences and, not least, escape from the cold (bye, winter! Hello, Uruguayan summer!)

This trip inspired us to spread this energy in our community!

That’s why we envisioned the Summer Camp: cultural exchange, an event created by and for video devs that invites us to meet face to face in Montevideo, Uruguay, to continue nurturing and developing this great community.

Summer Testimonials

"The motto for the event was 'Connect through the power of collaboration', and I think it captures perfectly the essence of the whole experience. We started working together on an ambitious project, got to know each other in person and made friends sharing a mate. We believe that open source projects greatly benefit from a close-knit, friendly community. Events like this are what create and cement these communities, and we're very proud to have been part of this from the start."
Marco Vidonis
"The experience at the Summer Camp was inspiring and enriching. I worked on Open Source projects and was part of an active community. Starting a project from scratch and living different experiences at Qualabs was amazing. The hospitality was impeccable and exceeded my expectations. I totally recommend the Summer Camp to network and grow professionally without losing sight of community development and video."
Gabriel Davila

Visit our country

Some facts about us:

🙌🏼World-class business center 

💻 LATAM’s largest per capita software exporter.

📲 4th country in the world in mobile Internet speed.
Country-wide 5G network.
*Ookla’s Global Speedtest Index

🚀 Pioneers in OLPC project with Plan Ceibal

🙂 Uruguay is the only full democracy in South America

😉 Montevideo is the country’s capital city
(and let’s not forget… It has the word video in its name 😎)


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